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School Mission and Vision

School Vision and Mission

At Valinda School of Academics, we provide a safe, supportive environment to develop successful, productive citizens and life-long learners through:

  • Academic Achievement

  • Respect

  • Positive Attitude 

  • Responsibility, Self-Discipline, and Character

  • Parent-School Partnership

Valinda School of Academics staff, students, and parents work as a team to achieve the California Content Standards.  Valinda’s goal is to promote a learning environment where literacy and character count.  We believe these are the building blocks to student achievement.

Our school is dedicated and committed to our motto:

    We are capable

    We are confident

    We are responsible for our choices

    We choose to succeed today and every day!

Valinda School of Academics has these school-wide expectations:

Be Kind...Work Hard...Be Safe and Be Clean.